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Blake’s Driving School Terms & Condtions

  1. Blake’s Driving School will provide driving instruction for the learner driver at the agreed rates and times. The cost of driving lessons will have been clearly explained upon contact with Blake’s Driving School and are clearly displayed on Blake’s Driving School’s website at https://www.blakesdrivingschool.ie/prices
  2. All lessons must be paid at the time of booking prior to the driving lesson. This applies to booking all appointments.
  3. A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given to cancel a pre-arranged driving lesson. Any cancellation that does not give at least 48 hours notice will be charged at the full price of the arranged lesson or the hours deducted from pre-paid lessons.
  4. Blake’s Driving School takes all driving lesson bookings with the full intention of them being delivered. In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary for Blake’s Driving School to cancel a lesson, we will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible. We will always seek to offer the learner an alternative time or date that is suitable for them. Should this not be possible, then upon request, the lesson fee, if pre-paid, will be refunded to you in full.
  5. All lessons are one (1) hour lessons unless otherwise agreed with Blake’s Driving School.
  6. A one (1) hour lesson includes any travel time where applicable to and from the learner’s collection and drop off locations. Otherwise Blake’s Driving School operates two (2) central meeting locations. One either at or in close proximity to the Wilton Test Centre on Sarsfield’s Road and one in Douglas outside Dunnes Stores. These central locations are the best option to maximise the one hour lesson for the learner driver.
  7. Blake’s Driving School will determine the driving lessons according to the learner’s driving ability. Your instructor will ensure that the lessons meet the learner’s specific learning needs and amend accordingly as the learner’s driving ability improves.
  8. Blake’s Driving School will charge a fee of €5 for an RSA EDT Logbook if provided and where lessons require an RSA EDT Logbook.
  9. Learner drivers must be 17 years of age or older.
  10. Learner drivers must be in possession of a current Learner Permit or a valid Driving Licence. 
    1. The learner driver must always carry their permit with them during their driving lessons. 
    2. If the learner driver does not hold a current Learner Permit or a valid Driving Licence, the driving lesson cannot be carried out and the learner will be liable for the fulll cost of the cancelled driving lesson.
  11. Endorsements or restrictions on the learner’s licence preventing them from driving at the appointment time of their driving lesson will result in the loss of the lesson and any fees paid.
  12. It is the responsibility of the learner to wear their spectacles or contact lenses if they are required.
  13. Blake’s Driving School reserves the right to cancel a learner’s lessons where the instructor feels that safety may be compromised due to the learner’s lack of understanding of spoken or written English. The learner will be liable for the full cost of the cancelled driving lesson. Full spoken and written English are essential for driving lessons to be safely carried out by Blake’s Driving School.
  14. Blake’s Driving School reserves the right to cancel a learner’s lessons where the instructor feels that safety may be compromised due to adverse weather conditions. In this case a new appointment will be arranged as a replacement lesson at the earliest possible time to suit both the learner and instructor. All bookings are made on the understanding that Blake’s Driving School is not responsible for the postponement of driving lessons due to traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions, illness or mechanical breakdown.
  15. Blake’s Driving School cannot be held responsible for any costs or test fees incurred by the learner due to the postponement of any lessons.
  16. Blake’s Driving School reserves the right to refuse, start, continue or terminate a driving lesson if the instructor has reason to believe that the learner is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that would contravene road safety. In this instance the learner will be liable for the full cost of the cancelled driving lesson.
  17. Learner drivers must advise Blake’s Driving School of any medication or prescription drugs that the learner is taking that may affect their ability to drive safely before taking any lesson booked.
  18. Learner drivers may not use a mobile phone during their driving lesson.
  19. Learner drivers who wish to hire a school car for the driving test must take a one (1) hour driving assessment by Blake’s Driving School before a car may be offered for hire. Preference will be given to existing Blake’s Driving School clients for car hire for their driving test where possible.
  20. Blake’s Driving School provides a fully insured dual control vehicle for driving lessons with an insurance policy excess of €350. If the learner driver is under the direction of Blake’s Driving School in said school vehicle and the learner driver has an at fault accident, the learner driver must pay the first €350 of any claim.
  21. If any car damage is caused, curbing the alloys or tyre damage due to careless driving by the learner driver during a lesson or test, then Blake’s Driving School reserve the right to seek the appropriate fees to repair the damage, alloys or tyre damage caused by the learner driver.
  22. Blake’s Driving School will always strive to ensure the learner driver is happy with our services. If for any reason the learner driver is not satisfied, then any complaints should be made in the first instance to Blake’s Driving School by accessing any of the contact information available on Blake’s Driving School’s website at https://www.blakesdrivingschool.ie/contact 

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time to ensure compliance and to ensure they are in line with all our policies and procedures. These terms and conditions were last reviewed in April  2023. 

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